About the Team

Theresa Liang  (General Manager & Partner) (總經理,合夥人) (总经理,合伙人)
Theresa’s strong professionalism is reflected in her sophisticated communication skills in senior media and strategic thinking with years of experience from the client side. Theresa has an excellent and instinctive understanding of clients and their needs. She also maintains an extensive network with celebrities and international organizations. With a Master’s degree in PR and Marketing Communication from Boston’s Emerson College, Theresa has over 10 years of marketing and brand management experiences from international fashion brand and multinational companies. She served as the marketing head of Bluebell Taiwan and has also worked for Imperial Tobacco as a product manager.

Theresa具有多年与客户接触的经验,她高度的专业性,反应在与资深媒体沟通时,纯熟的技巧及精准的市场策略思维。 Theresa对客户的需求拥有杰出且敏锐的理解力。同时她也与许多名人、国际组织维持着广泛的连系网路。具有波士顿艾默生大学硕士学位,擅长公关及市场行销传播。从国际时尚品牌到跨国公司,Theresa有超过15年的公关行销和品牌管理经验。

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